A developer with experience in various programming languages and digital art software.


Clear communication all the way through and delivered an excellent product.

Easy to work with. Fast and efficient.

Quick responses and consistent updates. Great developer!

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My past work


cMining is a Garry's Mod mining addon with full in-game configuration using only the UI, utilizing MySQL. It is rather simple to use, as it doesn't require any Lua file editing.

Dynamic Market Prices

A Garry's Mod addon I created as a commission, that periodically changes the sale prices in popular addons, and showcases a graph with in-depth historic price graph along with a board listing all the prices.

Garry's Mod Lua Executor

A C++ project I started to begin learning about low-level programming. Displays a menu with a button to execute Lua. Note: Educational purposes only. Open-source on my GitHub.